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Our Top Hamstring Exercises – #1 Nordic Curl

Our Top Hamstring Exercises #1 Nordic Curl If you have ever pulled, torn, tweaked or strained your HS muscle then this is for YOU – the Nordic Curl is the mother of all exercises to strengthen the Hamstrings to prevent injury when sprinting. If it is too difficult to SLOWLY lower your body towards the ground […]

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Are you suffering from Tension Headaches?

Are you suffering from Tension Headaches? Tension Headaches are the most common form of primary headache. It happens intermittently in up to 80% of the population, so if you are suffering from frequent headaches with pain that tends to be on both sides, and pressing or tightening in nature of mild to moderate intensity you can […]

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Stand up for your health!

I’m sure we have all thought about our ‘bad habits’ we want to change to improve our health and happiness.. lose weight, exercise, quit smoking, meditate… but have you thought about your daily habit, your daily environment? Are you addicted to your iPhone, does work mean you drive or fly long distances or do you […]

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