Hip and Back Pain

At Arnhem Physiotherapy Services, we offer a holistic solution to hip and back pain problems. We begin with a comprehensive assessment to establish your current situation. This will include a detailed history of the problems you have been experiencing and a physical examination.

Once we are able to make a clinical diagnosis, we will discuss the treatment options and alternatives available to you and make our recommendation as to the most appropriate treatment, our assessment of the expected recovery time and what you can do to for yourself, to facilitate the fastest return to fitness possible.

Please call us today on (08) 8919 4727 to arrange your first appointment. Physiotherapy brings results, by enabling the natural healing processes of the body without the use of medications. Our team also works at educating and advising on the management of hip and back problems, as we believe this to be fundamental to the success of treatment at Arnhem Physiotherapy.

Our aim is to identify the root cause of the problem, encouraging healing, reducing pain and inflammation. Our aim is to restore your normal range of motion and to reduce any risk of a recurrence of the symptoms.

For Patients With Hip Pain

Hip pain is common and often affects the upper, outer thigh as well. The cause of pain may be Bursitis, degenerative changes in the muscles and tendons, or tears in the rotator cuff muscles of the hip. Often there is another musculoskeletal problem caused by lower limb mechanics. Pain is made worse by weight bearing activities, sitting for long periods and by sleeping, resting on the affected hip at night.

It is important that we make an accurate clinical diagnosis to determine whether the pain originates in the hip or the lower spine, as symptoms can be similar.

Taking anti-inflammatory medication can bring short-term relief, but an appropriate exercise programme is very important for recovery. At Arnhem Physiotherapy, our state-of-the-art Pilates studio is particularly helpful for hip and back pain as it focuses on increasing muscle strength and tone, improving posture, core strength and stability.

For hip pain, the strengthening of the hip abductor muscles, the stretching of tight hip flexors and improved core strength and posture will bring lasting benefit and help to prevent a recurrence.

For Patients With Low Back Pain

Common causes of low back pain include poor posture when walking or sitting, having weak core muscles, some degenerative health problems and compression or irritation of a nerve or nerves. Any combination of problems affecting the muscles and ligaments passing through and/or attaching to the lower back and pelvis could be the source of pain.

At Arnhem Physiotherapy, we commonly see back pain patients with a range of problems, including lumbar Spondylosis and Spondylolisthesis (both these conditions can be helped by physical therapy), as well as cases of lumbar disc injury and sciatica caused by irritation or compression of the sciatic nerve.

Whatever the cause of your hip or back pain, please call us today on (08) 8919 4727 so that we can help by treating the root cause of the problem with exercise and therapy, to build strength and flexibility in the hip, pelvis and lower spine, aimed at eliminating pain, restoring flexibility and avoiding a recurrence.

Move Better, Feel Better – BOOK ONLINE or call us now on 08 8919 4727 – No referral needed.

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