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We are Arnhem Physiotherapy Services because Arnhem Land is the reason for everything we do.

The love I have for Arnhem Land is a deep love, it’s more than a town I live in, it’s where I was born, its where my heart is, it is my home, my homeland. Nhulunbuy is the only place I see myself growing old with my family, and hopefully my children’s children.

When I first established Arnhem Physiotherapy Services in 2011 in Nhulunbuy if someone needed therapy they had to fly out, leave their families, leave work all creating more stress and so in many cases, then, it was more logical to leave. So good people did.

I want Arnhem Land to be a place that each person in our community loves. I want to see each person in our community living out their own dreams, seeing and making the most of the boundless opportunities Arnhem Land offers and giving their community their own something special.

I want our community to be vibrant and diverse and I know that the healthier and happier you are the more our community will thrive. I realise that the happier and healthier you are the more your eyes are opened to ideas and opportunities and so that is our goal- to help you live your best life here.

Our future and happiness in Arnhem Land is connected to each person that we share it with. So Arnhem Physiotherapy Services exists to help bring you happiness, vitality and success, here, in Arnhem Land.

Sarah Fincham-Thomson
Physiotherapist, Practice Owner

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"We are committed to your satisfaction and delivering the very best in physiotherapy care, customer service and outcomes. If you are not 100% satisfied with your experience at Arnhem Physiotherapy Services, we will refund your money and deliver your next session free. If you’re not happy, then we’re not happy."

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