Pre-Employment Screening & Occupational Physiotherapy

There are many benefits of pre-employment screening and of occupational physiotherapy for employers. Pre-employment screening, also known as a work fitness assessment assesses the suitability of any potential employee for the job vacancy. Occupational physiotherapy can help employers to improve workplace suitability for existing employees and to determine whether those employees remain functionally suitable for the jobs they do.

Benefits of Pre-employment Screening

  • Confirming that the potential employee is physically able to cope with the demands of the job, thus ensuring that there is less chance of injury and optimising productivity levels for the employer
  • Identifying any risk factors for injury that a potential employee may have, prior to beginning employment
  • Obtaining a record of pre-employment capacity, this offers the employee a degree of protection against any false injury claim
  • In the unfortunate event of employee injury, having a record of pre-employment capacity also helps in ensuring that an employee has made a full recovery before returning to work.

Pre-employment screening provides a comprehensive physical capacity assessment of an individual’s strength, mobility, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness. It is particularly useful in assessing individuals considered ‘high risk’, due to their BMI, previous injury history or other health issues with a degenerative or chronic condition.

Used in conjunction with a Pre-employment Medical, the Physical Capacity Assessment can provide valuable information particularly where the potential employee is applying for a job considered to be physically demanding.

Benefits of Occupational Physiotherapy

  • We can conduct reviews of workplace ergonomics and job sites and provide a clinical assessment of the suitability of the workplace.
  • We can provide recommendations to protect employees (as far as possible), from the postural problems and repetitive strain injuries that can result from poor workplace ergonomics and lead to lost working time.
  • In the same way that we provide clinical and strength tests to potential employees in pre-employment screening, we can provide functional capacity tests for your existing employees to assess any level of risk in their current job roles.

Employees are a company’s most valuable asset. We can help to ensure that as an employer, you hire the right employee for the job.

In simple terms, booking pre-employment screening at Arnhem Physiotherapy can assess whether your potential (or current), employee is at high or low risk of a workplace injury and helps individuals to understand whether or not they are capable of the tasks they will be required to do within a specific job role.

We can carry out:

  • Work place ergonomic reviews and job site assessments
  • Preventative or post injury work station ergonomic review
  • Clinical work place suitability report and recommendations
  • Functional capacity assessments for employees

We can help Employers to provide a safer workplace for their employees, with a reduction in injuries and even, improved productivity. Contact us to arrange a booking for Pre-employment screening or Occupational Physiotherapy, or to find out more about these services, by calling us today on 08 8919 4727.


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