Knee Pain

Physiotherapy can successfully treat many of the injuries and conditions that cause knee pain. Your pain may be due to an overuse or trauma injury, a biomechanical problem or misalignment of the knee (being slightly ‘knock-kneed’, for example) – or it could be due to a pre-existing health condition such as arthritis. The team at Arnhem Physiotherapy have treated many patients with strains to tendons and muscles and problems with cartilage or ligaments.

Are your knees holding you back from moving freely?

If you have concerns about your mobility, about clicking or popping noises coming from your knees or worries about the prospect of needing knee surgery, call us today!
For all knee pain problems, an early, correct diagnosis and the commencement of appropriate treatment is important for a successful outcome. So, if you are experiencing any of the symptoms detailed below, please call us to arrange your initial assessment appointment on (08) 8919 4727 and let us help you to be pain-free and back to full mobility as quickly as possible.

Symptoms Associated With Knee Pain

Ligament Problems: The knee ligaments provide strength and stability by supporting the knee. Damage to the fibrous tissue the ligament is made of, can occur if the ligament is over-stretched, strained or torn. The results are pain, swelling and a feeling of instability as if the knee is going to give way.
Cartilage Problems: The cartilage is the knee’s shock absorber. Cartilage can tear in a traumatic injury, but it can also become damaged over time, due to normal wear and tear on the knee.
Kneecap Problems: Problems affecting the kneecap generally develop over time and worsened by kneeling, or any activity involving bending the knee. There can be several causes of kneecap pain, ranging from having flat feet, an imbalance in the muscles, or tightness in the soft tissues of the knee area.
Knee misalignments: Orthotic therapy can help with knee misalignment problems such as being knock-kneed. This works by improving the alignment between foot, leg and knee to relieve pain.

How Can Physiotherapy Help?

Physiotherapy can be helpful for all the above – and many other knee problems as well.

Are you concerned that you are wearing your knees out with clicking or grinding?

Whether your knee is sore, stiff, making clicking noises or you are experiencing a grinding sensation when you walk, here are just a few of the ways we can help you.

  • We can help to restore mobility to a stiff or weakened knee, restoring function by increasing the range of motion.
  • Knee pain and swelling can affect the thigh muscles and once these are affected, ongoing knee problems can result. We can help with appropriate muscle strengthening exercises.
  • Tightening of the soft tissues around the knee can occur due to the formation of scar tissue, inflammation or muscle imbalances and can be released by your physiotherapist.
  • Physiotherapists can use a number of techniques to reduce inflammation and pain and help the knee to heal as quickly as possible.
  • We can help you to avoid activities that make the problem worse. Knowing what to avoid (such as lunges or squats if you have kneecap pain, for example), will help to speed your recovery.

Are you worried about needing Knee Surgery?

Some knee problems need a little help in the form of taping or a knee brace. These help patients to remain active while protecting the knee from any further damage. We can give advice on the best solution in your case.
If you have had knee surgery, physiotherapy is vital to ensure the best possible outcome and speediest return to fitness.

What to Expect

Knee pain treatment at Arnhem Physiotherapy involves a number of different techniques that may include, Clinical Pilates, strengthening exercises, joint mobilisation techniques, soft tissue massage and dry needling. Whatever the cause of your knee problem, getting prompt treatment from our Physiotherapy team will help to relieve pain and inflammation and restore function and mobility. We can also prescribe exercises specific for your needs that will treat the underlying cause and help to prevent a recurrence.

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