Relax and Keep Breathing…

Most of us, at one stage or another during our exercise training have been instructed on ‘controlling’ our pattern of breathing. Traditional Pilates instructs you to breathe out on exertion, however, Clinical Pilates does not rely on expiration for a number of reasons, most importantly this is not how your body functions with life’s movements. […]

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Stand up for your health!

I’m sure we have all thought about our ‘bad habits’ we want to change to improve our health and happiness.. lose weight, exercise, quit smoking, meditate… but have you thought about your daily habit, your daily environment? Are you addicted to your iPhone, does work mean you drive or fly long distances or do you […]

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Do You Have Knee Pain?

Are Stairs Often Difficult? Do You Need Some Help? Is Your Training Being Impacted By Your Knee Pain? Knee pain (especially at the front of the knee and around the kneecap) is a common condition seen in our clinic especially in runners and dancers, and is also prevalent in women between the ages of 30-50 […]

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Save Your Shoulders – 4 Simple Tips

I am not sure why it is but there seems to be a rush of shoulder injuries at the moment, that have been left for months getting worse and worse so I thought I’d give  some Physiotherapy advise on some simple ways to avoid shoulder pain. 1. Limit Overhead Exercises Many gym training programs involve […]

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