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The Five Keys To Radically Improving Your Low Back Pain

Walk 20-40 minutes per day most days of the week (McGill) In a clinical study, individuals with back pain walked 20 – 40 minutes, 2-3 times a week for 6 weeks. They were assessed in a number of ways before and after, including a back and abdominal muscle endurance test, 6-minute walking test (distance covered in 6 minutes), measures of […]

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Reformer Pilates is for you!

Do you want to work on your core strength and stability? Are you sick of suffering from back pain? The Reformer Pilates classes are Physio instructed classes that tailor the exercises to your needs and progress, while also monitoring technique and correcting any underlying issues. Reformer Pilates is proven to have far better outcomes than […]

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Relax and Keep Breathing…

Most of us, at one stage or another during our exercise training have been instructed on ‘controlling’ our pattern of breathing. Traditional Pilates instructs you to breathe out on exertion, however, Clinical Pilates does not rely on expiration for a number of reasons, most importantly this is not how your body functions with life’s movements. […]

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